Friday, April 18, 2008

100 Things About Me... Part the Oneth...

So, I decided to do another 100 things about me. It's been awhile, and maybe a few blogs ago, since I did a 100 Things thing.

This time I decided to break it up into sections, just like all the cool kids are doing.

1) I say "done" instead of "finished". And I'm not ashamed of it.

2) I would never stick a french fry in a frosty, and will gut, like a fish, anyone who attempts it in my presence.

3) I fully believe that I have not had enough sex in my lifetime. Then again, I also fully believe I've had entirely too much.

4) I refuse to believe that Hugh Laurie farts, picks his nose, or chews with his mouth open. The man is a god, people.

5) I do not have control of my destiny. This may not be a bad thing. I do not have control of my bladder, either.

6) The TURKEY of DOOM sits above my desk and looks down on me in disdain.

7) I do not like the TURKEY of DOOM.

8) I think men are like cute little puppy dogs.

9) I like puppy dogs.

10) If I lost my ability to read, I would throw myself off a cliff.


Anonymous said...

a.) Let's never eat Wendy's together, hahaha!

b.) I am so with you on Hugh Laurie. He's perfect.

THopgood said...

OMG, wtf is up with that turkey! LOL! Is that thing in your HOUSE! LMAO!

Worker Mommy said...

Yeah, WTH is up w/the Frosty in the fries. I just don't get it.

Burfica said...

I always dip my fries in my milkshake if I get them both at the same time. hehehehe

that turkey is something else.

don't throw yourself off a cliff just throw yourself out the basement window.

Avitable said...

Fries in Frosties are awesome!

baseballmom said...

wtf IS THAT moth-eaten turkey? Scary. Whose is it?! I"m so with you on #10, and Hugh is hawt!!!

Hammer said...

Does that include ruffles and ice cream?

Karl said...

That is a scary ass turkey. No way would I keep that in my house.