Friday, April 4, 2008

Jesus, take the wheel.... I'll take the floor for a moment...


I have enabled comment moderation... I'm really sorry to do that, but I thought I'd made myself clear when I said NO MORE FUCKING DRAMA ON MY BLOG. Those of you who love me? Won't mind for a few days, right? Anyone who does care? Whoop-tee-doo, take it up on your OWN fucking blog. Thank you, the end....

Hooray for me FINALLY having a brand spankin' new moniker. About time, I think....

The winning entry was provided by Miss Janet, but I've decided to reward Miss Ammie and This Mom for coming up with some very good names also. I'd reward you, Miss Katie, but you doesn't has a blog. And plus, you married my brother, so that's your reward. HAHAHAHA

Check back here for some blog bling I dedicate to my three terrific winners... I'm still sick, but I'll be workin' on it this weekend.

I'd just like to mention ONE LITTLE TINY THING, before I tumble my fat ass back into bed with my babies. (and by babies, I mean dogs, Cleo and Shelby)

I had some drama on my blog last night. I'm not going to point it out, because, quite frankly, I'm getting fucking TIRED of the drama... So I will say this:

To those of you who came here and commented, for ONE particular reason, and ONE reason only? Dude, that sucks.

Do you have any idea how it felt to open my email last night, get all excited and happy because some FABULOUS bloggers deigned to come to my blog and leave a comment?

And do you then have any idea how it felt to realize that they came, not to read what *I* had to say, or to compliment or congratulate me on a good post, or a funny thought, or even an idea that we might disagree on?

No, you came here to sling more shit. The fact that you apologized to me AFTER you slung the poo, was that supposed to make me feel better? I took it like this:

"Hello insignificant blogger. I'm here NOT to read anything YOU wrote, but to stir some shit. You stumbled into some high drama, and so I'm going to have a little fun, and then I'll pretend to feel bad about flicking shit about the walls of your blog when I'm done."

This is MY blog. I write here. I pour out my heart and my ideas, the things that make me laugh, the things that piss me off beyond reason, I bitch and I moan and I piss and yell. But I'm not mean to anybody. And most of the people here know me, from my OTHER blog, and they KNOW I'm not mean to anyone. And they are not mean either.

Yes, it was momentarily exciting to have you here, in this place that means so very much to me. But you fouled it with your venom, and I will kindly ask you not to do it again.

I'm not involved in that drama. I WON'T be involved in it. And I most respectfully resent you using my blog as a platform for your "Vigilante Blog Justice".

I LOVE getting comments. I LOVE being noticed by the "big boys". But if the only reason you come to my blog, or "follow" me on Twitter is to keep the pot boiling? I'd like to go back to being "insignificant blogger" please.

The end.


Avitable said...

You're completely right. That wasn't fair of me to do.

Miss Britt said...

OMG honey, I'm so sorry.

Because I am, of course, responsible for everything that happens on the internet!!! But seriously - I'm sorry.

And? Can I assure you that those of us following you on Twitter - including the people who know ME - are doing so because of YOU. Regardless of what your name is.

And seriously - there are no "big boys" in the blogosphere. Didn't I already threaten to smack you if you say that anymore? ;-)

Nancy said...

I like the new ID =)

I always remain blissfully ignorant to "pot-o-shit stirrers"


Carry on!

Anonymous said...

I actually commented to the post then walked away. I saw what went on afterwards but did not want to get involved in that at all! I promise!

I've actually added you to my feed reader (did that as soon as you added me on the twitter) so yay!

Just wanted to clear THAT up. I am here cause I want to be here. Please say you'll have me :).

Burfica said...

Okay again I'm an idiot, cuz I have no idea what I missed.

I would ask, but you said you aren't gonna stir the pot anymore.

Dude I follow you on Twitter because I have like 2 buddies, so I don't know what you talking about. hahahaha

Miss Britt said...

Dude, I cannot be moderated.


Wait. Shit. No one can see this, can they?

Damn it.

*smooching you*

Bina said...

GREAT post (and I'm not sure it matter's what I think cause hey, I'm a woman, not a big boy! LOL)

But yea, I love this, cause who in the hell do people think they are? And while I didn't see what was going on, I have a feeling it wasn't good.

But I am glad I can still read your comments! I LOVE you and even though I don't know you, I would marry you! LOL

New York City's Watchdog said...

Love the new name... even though I voted for Amber Guity 5 times.

I also just need to voice my opinion against Britt's assessment that there are "no big boys".

I am currently 48.5 inches in circumference at my equator.

I believe that anything over 45 inches should be considered a "big boy"... and therefore I am one. (INSERT TONGUE SMILEY HERE)

Miss Anne Derstood said...

Oh my gosh, "I am currently 48.5 inches in circumference at my equator."

I laughed, till I coughed, and when I coughed, I peed. Thanks, Watchdog. 'Cause I just don't think I PEE enough.....

New York City's Watchdog said...

I know... I'm better than Lasix.

At least I didn't mention that stubby pimple thing that confirms me as a boy... 'cause that might have caused skidmarks.

Skidmarks bad.

Yellow snow good.

Not a Granny said...

I'm still trying to figure out what the Twitter is and why it is.

I love the new name! I voted for it...twice...maybe three times...

baseballmom said...

OMG, NYC...hahahahahaha! That started my day off well. Also, huh? Whut? I missed all the fucking drama. Dammit, that's what happens when you sleep in until 11 on your last weekday of spring break.

Doc said...

Skrew the drama... Blogging should be fun.

EC said...

You tell 'em Anne - SO love that name by the way!!!

Worker Mommy said...

Damn, late as usual. I'm heading back to check out what's been going on over the last several days.

I'm sorry there's been more drama...what is about some people!!!???

Sleeping Mommy said...

Well, once I again, I missed the drama too. Sorry you got hit with some bile. That sucks. And dude, moderate away. I moderate all new commenters until I know who they are, mainly cuz I get a LOT of spam. But it also keeps the crazies under control too.

Karen Sugarpants said...

I love your new name and originally found you through Britt. I read quite a few entries and I'm sorry I commented last night though I was trying to diffuse the situation. Anyway - I'm sorry, really. I just wanted them to stop.

the planet of janet said...

sheesh, i go out of town for like 2 seconds and all this shit happens.

i swear i'll never be that far from the internet for that long again.


pinky swear!

THopgood said...

Well, I'm a first timer here and I just wanted to say...I am LOVING your blog...I'm only sorry I didn't find you sooner so I coulda seen what all the drama was about. I hope you don't mind if I blog roll you. I'll be back to look at older's fun getting to "know" people.

Jen said...

I hate it when I miss drama! I like to read it, not necessarily participate.

sorry you got the shit end of the stick though.

Used*to*be*me said...

I go out of town for a funeral and I miss every damned thing.