Monday, April 7, 2008

Color Me.... In Court

So, kids, today I have to go to Bankruptcy Court. Oh not for me, more's the pity, but with my boss and a client. At any rate, I won't be able to answer the questions that SOME of you have asked, until tonight, probably.

In the meantime, comment moderation has been turned off. Feel free to ask me questions. Really. Ask me some FUCKING questions, whydoncha? What do I have to do, BEG, already?

Please, internets, surely there is something about me you'd like to know? Stroke my ego a little, for it is bruised.....

And also? Because if you don't, I'll probably grit my teeth. And stamp my feet. And throw one of those temper tantrum things. Although, with my sweet and sunny disposition, it will be hard for me. But heck, I could learn. My middle name is "I am an accomplished learner of things..."


Avitable said...

You want questions, eh?

1. Why the fuck am I not on your blogroll?

2. What do you recommend for getting semen out of hair and clothing?

3. What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done?

4. What made you decide to blog?

5. What are your feelings on ass to mouth?

Not a Granny said...

Hmmm after Avitable's questions I am kind of frightened.

What is your favorite food?

What was/is your favorite vacation spot?

This Mom said...

Leave it to Avitable... he's got all the questions, and I'm afraid he already knows the answers to most of them!

I'm on your blogroll-- YIPPEE!

Burfica said...

I'm on your blogroll, but how come you don't visit me religiously like I do you???

There is my question. hahahaha

New York City's Watchdog said...

I just want to know the basics, like...

1) Coke or Pepsi?

2) Diet soda or not?

2a) If diet, is it for the taste or the calories?

2b) If not, then what do you have against diet?

3) Meat or potatoes?

3a) If meat, what's your favorite cut?

3b) If potatoes, then what do you have against meat?

4) What is your favorite color?

4a) If your favorite color is orange, then why is your blog background red?

4b) If your favorite color isn't orange, then why isn't it?

4c) Orange is the new pink, did you know that?

5) What made you first start blogging?

5a) How long have you been blogging?

5b) Why did you wait so long until you started blogging?

5c) How long do you think you'll blog for?

Bina said...

What's the worst thing you ever did as a teenager that you wish to God you could take back?

You tell me yours, I'll tell you mine.

THopgood said...

Still LMAO at avitable's questions! Here's a question:
1)If I stroke your ego will you stroke mine?

Dory said...

Were you in any clubs when you were in school?

What did you think of kids that were in clubs?

I've taken tylenol, advil, and tylenol sinus, yet my head still hurts. Why?

Used*to*be*me said...

What was your other blog? (I told you I was nosey)

Bubbles said...

To Avitable, get semen out by licking it.
To Bina, got married.
To Thopgood, only if you stroke her first.
To Dory, xanax bar will make your head stop hurting.
To Use To Be, She portrayed a lesbian transexual undergoing aromatherapy.
To Mitchell, give me your e-harmony website.