Friday, April 11, 2008

The answers, they just KEEP coming!!!


I'm on your blogroll, but how come you don't visit me religiously like I do you???

I'm sorry, Burfie. I don't visit anyone religiously. I'll try to do better, I promise.

NYC Watchdog:

I just want to know the basics, like...
1) Coke or Pepsi?
2) Diet soda or not?
2a) If diet, is it for the taste or the calories?
2b) If not, then what do you have against diet?
3) Meat or potatoes?
3a) If meat, what's your favorite cut?
3b) If potatoes, then what do you have against meat?
4) What is your favorite color?
4a) If your favorite color is orange, then why is your blog background red?
4b) If your favorite color isn't orange, then why isn't it?
4c) Orange is the new pink, did you know that?
5) What made you first start blogging?
5a) How long have you been blogging?
5b) Why did you wait so long until you started blogging?
5c) How long do you think you'll blog for?

My God, you don't wanna know much, do you? *deep breath* ok, here goes:

Diet Coke all the way. With Lime, too. Because I've been drinking Diet Coke since it was created....

Meat AND Potatoes. Ribeye. But I also love turkey and chicken. Baked potatoes, french fries, and sweet potato chips.

My favorite color is pink. My blog background is red because red is just cool. And also because whoever created this blogskin deemed it thusly. I have nothing against orange, but pink will always be the BEST pink.

I started blogging because a friend suggested it. He thought it would help me be less crazy. He was wrong. I think it's been close to four years. Or maybe 3. Hell, I'm HORRIBLE with time. I never even HEARD of blogging till my friend told me about it. I THINK I will blog forever. But I could be wrong. I'm wrong a lot.


What's the worst thing you ever did as a teenager that you wish to God you could take back?

I took a lot of valium, locked my bedroom door and went to bed. Scared the fuck out of my mother, who found me....

Now tell me yours...


If I stroke your ego will you stroke mine?



Were you in any clubs when you were in school?
What did you think of kids that were in clubs?
I've taken tylenol, advil, and tylenol sinus, yet my head still hurts. Why?

I think I joined the Bible Club, to get my picture taken, because I looked REALLY good that day. Also, I was in FBLA... hahahahaha, my God, what a fucking HOOT that was.
As I general rule, I hated kids that were in clubs. But then, as a general rule, I hated everybody.
Your head hurts because your husband is a PRISSY GIRL. hee.


What was your other blog? (I told you I was nosey)

I get to play the *I can't answer this question* card, because doing so would reveal my real name to a possible psychotic stalker who will then come gut me like a fish... But if you'd like, you can ask me another nosey question, and I'll try to answer it...

Bubbles (who isn't fooling anybody, MITCHELL):

To Avitable, get semen out by licking it.
To Bina, got married.
To Thopgood, only if you stroke her first.
To Dory, xanax bar will make your head stop hurting.
To Use To Be, She portrayed a lesbian transexual undergoing aromatherapy.
To Mitchell, give me your e-harmony website.

These are not questions, you imbecile. But I do feel I have to expound on YOUR answers to MY questions:

I've never voluntarily licked semen out of anything. You, however, were friends with a gay guy, who gave you dope. hmmm. Got anything you'd like to share?

I do NOT regret getting married. I have two of the most amazing daughters in the world, and I would trade them for NOTHING. If I regret anything, it's what I did to RUIN my marriage. Or, staying IN a bad marriage, at least for the last 5 years.

I am always up for a good stroking.

Dory, don't listen to him. He's an ex-crack head. He just trying to dope you up so he can have his wiley way with you.

I most certainly did NOT portray a lesbian transexual. Where do you GET this stuff?

I'm telling Kate you have an e-harmony website. You are a lecherous OLD fuck. You're lucky I love you as much as I do.

Sleeping Mommy:

1. What is your biggest fear?
2. What is your guiltiest TV viewing pleasure?
3. Who at your house does the yardwork?
4. And does it get done on time, or only after the grass reaches the knees? (like it usually does at my house)

I have two giant fears: a) That my children will be harmed, and God help the motherfucker who does it; and b) That there are little army men in my jello. Cause seriously, nobody chews that shit! They could put ANYTHING in there!!!

My guiltiest TV viewing pleasure is probably Law & Order reruns. I'll watch it for HOURS. Also, Rob & Big. I'm trying to get Thing 1 to marry Rob. I'm sure he'll agree. She's always so PLEASANT!!!

I have no idea who does the yardwork. I only know it isn't me. Probably a combination of Husband, Thing 2, and Father-in-Law. Thing 1 wouldn't mow a blade of grass if it would save an endangered species. Neither would I.

No, usually our grass is so high that you have to watch out for bears when you go out to get in your car. I have taken to carrying a hot curling iron to my car with me. I'll either burn the fucker to death, or give him a nice wave......

I think that was the last of them. If I missed your question, or if you have another one for me? Comment me, darlings....


Burfica said...

I love reading your questions and answers, hehehehehe

I'm busy eating the last of the egg salad that I made and wouldn't let the husband have. (he's been wanting some for a long time) he pissed me off, so I made some and I won't let him have any. hahahahahahaha

Burfica said...

Okay here is one. Do you prefer Ritz crackers or Club crackers and why???

Burfica said...

OoOO Pancakes or waffles or french toast???

Burfica said...

What's your favorite cold breakfast cereal??? I love strawberry mini wheats. Now what's your favorite cold breakfast cereal that is geared towards kids?? mine is Cocoa Krispies. hehehehehe

Burfica said...

gahhh I need to go eat breakfast I'm hungry. Byeeeeeeeee

Avitable said...

I love L&O reruns!

Burfica said...

I'm making the hubby bye me lunch and bring it to me at home. Should I have sonic or Jack in the box???

Sleeping Mommy said...

Law and order reruns are NOT a guilty pleasure. That's damn good tv. Just sayin'

New York City's Watchdog said...

Darling... I hate to be the bearer of bad news... but orange is the new BEST pink...

Just ask Elle Woods.

Bina said...

This is going to sound pathetic, but the worst thing I ever did as a teenager was go back home after I ran away. I should have stayed away from the fucking insane piece of shit that some people like to call home, but it was my prison.

But hey, I turned out okay anyway!