Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What's in a name? Let me tell you...

Sweet Crispy Jeebus, you people will NOT believe the shit I'm about to tell you. Promise it's all TRUE. Unless I change it up a bit, to make myself look better. But whatevs....

So, yesterday I was all feeling sorry for myself and moaning and pissing around all day. I gets myself home from work (and by the way, the boss came back EARLY and totally fucked up my PERFECT TWO DAYS OF TOTAL LAZINESS) and sit down to write the story of my "Sunday Night Phone Call From Hell, or Some Other Nether World" and I chance upon an email that I had missed, earlier in the day.

Before I go on, I must digress a bit. Did you guys know there was ANOTHER Miss Ann Thrope? I confess I did not, at least not until well after I used the name myself. A lot of you know why I chose not to use my real name, which kicks ass, by the way. I got tired of stalkers and drama and worrying about WHO MIGHT BE HELPING MY HUSBAND GATHER MORE EVIDENCE AGAINST ME. Trust me, it was a very real fear. It's happened before.

So, anyway, I get a message on my blog from the OTHER Miss Ann Thrope, and I go to check out her blog. When I get there, I figure she's in a league far ahead of me, and it's not likely we're gonna bump up against each other any time soon. However, in the interest of fairness, because my middle name is "I don't wanna PISS ANYBODY OFF", I tried to leave a comment on her blog telling her that, should she wish it so, I'd change my name. (Somebody please tell me that I was being generous, because I did not have to do this. She doesn't have a copyright on the name for PISS sakes.)

Well, as my life can never be EASY, thank you very fuckin' much, you had to be a MEMBER of her blog to leave a comment. I looked for an email address. Couldn't find one. I came back to my blog and checked out her comment again, hoping that there was an email address attached to her name. NO SUCH LUCK, OF COURSE. So, I go back and register to become a member of her blog. On the registration form, there's a question: (and I paraphrase, because I don't remember it exactly) Tell me how you heard about me. Or something like that. So, I figured, hey cool, I don't even have to leave a comment, I'll just tell her right HERE! Good idea, right?

I explained that I did not know anyone else used that name before I chose it. And I offered to change it.

Which leads us back to the email I found yesterday evening, which granted me access to her blog. There was no other message from her, and I very nearly didn't go back to her blog, figuring if she didn't say anything, it must be ok with her for me to use the name. But, visit her blog I did, and I have to tell you, I sat in shock at what I read there. I'll let you go see for yourself at the end of this post, because the story doesn't end there...

It wasn't that she'd written anything nasty about me. It's the fact that she wrote anything at all. And I should have been prepared for the comments that I would find on this post. Because when you blog, and people read you, you form relationships with those people and you begin to care about them and they you. So, I was a bit pissed off that she was blogging about it. I opened up the comment box to AGAIN tell her I meant no disrespect and offer to change my name.

And, you guys, I was like, WHATTHEHOLYFUCKISGOINGONHERE? Because the comments were so FOR her and so AGAINST me, and those people did not even know me!!! I was called a stalker, an impostor, someone even fucking called me an IDIOT!!!


I generally do not come up against such dislike from people who don't know me. That kind of thing is usually reserved for those who DO know me, and THEN dislike me!!! And oh, yes, it happens. But trust me, this is not the end of the story...

So, I did what I always do, I buzzed Janet. "DUDE!" I shouted in ALL CAPS. "I'VE BEEN ATTACKED! I'VE BEEN MALIGNED!" And before Janet could answer me, because she DOES have a job and, though it was only about 6:00 here in wild, wonderful West-by-God-Virginia, it was REALLY early for her, about 3:00, I guess, and before she could answer me, I left a comment on Miss Ann Thrope's blog. I don't remember everything I said. You can check it out yourself at the end of this post. I did use Fuck alot. I think I called them all 12 year olds.

In short, I totally overreacted. But, God love Janet's brave heart, she was totally on my side. She offered to hunt down each and every one of them, and slice open their necks whilst they slept. No she didn't. But I bet she would have, if I'd asked her to. Cause of the great and abiding love she has for me.

Anyway, I got answers to my comment, AND HOW. Those people and their voluminous verbage... I had a hard time keeping up. I was politely told to stop acting like a high school drama major, and then there were some apologies, and some funny comments, and then Miss Ann Thrope herself apologized for upsetting me.

So, while Janet is still fuming and plotting the complete annihilation of everyone involved, I'm back over at Miss Ann Thrope's place, schmoozing with the VIP's.

Luckily, Janet knows what a flake I am, and we had a good laugh over it. And we tried to come up with another name for me:

A. T. Tacked
Mae Ligned

Yeah, like that. Hilariously funny to me, but not such good blogging names, I suppose. Then, I had an EPIPHANY. "Janet," says I. "I will have a CONTEST!!! I will call it the NAME ME contest!!!"

Janet thought this was a good idea. And she even came up with a prize. And so the first ever Color Me... Complicated NAME ME (or REname me, which is ultimately more accurate) was born. Which I will post about later today. And you know I will, because my middle name is "Always post about something when you promise to".

Until then, I will remain Miss Ann Thrope, and I hope that the FIRST Miss Ann Thrope will understand, and grant me a few more days of glomming onto her name.

Those people over there are kind of wacky. But fun, for the most part. And a couple of them ADDED me to their blogrolls and/or readers or feeders or WHATTHEFUCKEVER they are called. And so I reciprocated. You'll find some of their blogs over on my blogroll.

If you want to read the POST THAT STARTED IT ALL, be my guest. But, as a personal favor to me, be nice. Because we are LADYLIKE, and GENTLEWOMEN (or men to the ONE or TWO males who comment here) and we never EVER pick fights with other bloggers, m'kay?


EC said...

Actually its funny, because I knew right away but I didn't question it. I saw the name and was like - is that HER? But then it was you, and I was a little surprised, but figured you had a reason for it. Huh, looking back, maybe I should have mentioned it ;)

Don't worry about it - you can use any damn name you want ;)

janet said...

since i know what the prize is (because i invented it, after all!), i'm plotting and scheming so i can win ... heh heh heh!

and btw, my answer-your-questions interview post ... is ... UP!

Sleeping Mommy said...

I confess I knew about her too, I just didn't think it would matter that much. Really I didn't.

And I have Miss Britt on my blog roll and I knew about the other Miss Ann Thrope but I never knew there was some kind of fued.

Ah, internet drama. I love it. As long as I can watch from the sidelines. Kind of like sports.

Heather said...

Well, it sounds like you're handling it in a fun way. I look forward to the contest, and you'll come up with a name that's all yours.

Used*to*be*me said...

A while back, Miss Ann (the other one) had to move blogs due to a stalker. She had a "name me" post asking for suggestions. The comments were fabulous!

I moved too (hence my blog name) but I didn't have a contest so my name is boring.

damon said...

Someone should mention this to Paris, Texas and Columbus, Georgia.

I also heard there might be more than one Main Street.

Oh, I also have 4 friends named Mike that are goin to freak when I tell them they're not alone.

Burfica said...

How come you didn't tell me we don't pick fights with other bloggers before I did my rant?? hehehehehe

I'm not any good at picking names, but I'll think on it.

Anonymous said...

mountain momma!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what about hawng moon ....

Miss Ann Thrope said...

Yeah, some of them got a little over the top.

I'd say I shouldn't have made a post about it, but talking about stuff is why I blog...still, the post was about me feeling like a douche anyway.

There's a couple of people here who know (of) me whom I've never heard of. My reputation must precede me. Like I said, if avoiding stalkers was your thing...wrong name...really.

Anyway, I am sorry for how nutsy it got but it's the blogger friends thing...protective. I was not expecting anyone to call you names...the whole point was that I felt stupid about the whole thing.

As far as I'm concerned, if you want the name, use it. Just make sure you know that sometimes hostility will be directed at you that's meant for me....especially if you comment on Britt's blog with the name.

baseballmom said...

Craaayyyzzzeeee. Who'da thunk it? I thought I'd heard that name, but wasn't sure where, anyway, innocent mistake! I'll think of a good contest entry, and meanwhile, my questions are UP on my blog!

Mr Lady said...

Wow. I get it that it was a big misunderstanding, but those commenters were very mean and totally quick to judge.

I have NEVER heard of her before.

And I refuse to read blogs that call out other bloggers. We are ADULTS. We can do things in private.

So change your name, do what you will, I am staying over here.

She doesn't own it. It's an ALIAS. Sheesh.

Jester said...

I guess I need to now go on a rampage about all those other people who use "jester" as part of their identity.

There are some groups which it's best to stay out of, you had the supreme misfortune of stumbling upon the wrong one. :D

Hilly said...

I'm new so I'll be nice...but I agree with Jester 100% ;).

But if someone steals "snackiepoo", I will cut them - kidding! I just don't get the comments readers/friends are never that rude to people or about people. Sheesh!

Shelli said...

You want a different name anyway. I have never been here before. Pleased to meet you, Lovely Woman. Isn't that much nicer? ;)

There are some other "Shellis" in the blogosphere but, as far as I know, I was the first. And of course I am the best.

Avitable said...

She has like six readers and somehow thinks that since she's been on the internet since Al Gore invented it, everyone should be aware of her obscure fucking ass.

I think you should keep the name - I'd love to associate something positive with that name rather than always thinking of a horrible wretched paranoid pathetic homebound harridan cunt on disability.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

That from a man who hates me more than he loves a "friend." He refuses to donate because I am running the raffle. He say that I might steal it.

Isn't that cute?

Oh and by the way, I never attacked her or said a bad thing about her. My post was about me feeling stupid. It had nothing to do with her giving up the name.

So ya know, maybe some of you people who think Adam is teh best evah might want to know that you judge me not by knowing me but by what he says about me...which seriously, what does that say about you?

But snackiepoo and jester? are those your real names? No? You must be losers...that's what adam says about people with alias's. Oh and I hope you didn't give him your real name...he'll post it on his site the minute you need help...personal help...or you piss him off.

All hail the king...who weighs like 400 lbs and actually calls other people FAT in a derogatory way.

yep, my kind of hypocrite.

Avitable said...

I didn't call you fat. I called you a shut-in who has to wash yourself with a rag on a stick. Big difference.

And no, I don't trust you. You aren't even posting the total amount that you're raising. Yeah, that inspires confidence.

I'll give Lisa money directly - that way, I know she'll actually get it.

Miss Ann (the good one), sorry about bringing this up in your comments. I'm done responding.

Jester said...

Nope, Jester is not my real name, though my real name is no mystery to anyone. I get *actual* death threats, too... not made up stalker threats.

You really MUST let all that "outing" people's identity shit go. You were wrong when you jumped on Adam's shit for his post about the abusive husband.

I don't judge anyone by what Avitable (or anyone else) says. I determined the little coven you head up is nothing but a bunch of catty jealous shit slingers all on my own.

You make yourself feel better by cutting down everyone you come into contact with. All it takes is a few minutes reading through your blog and the comments you leave elsewhere. You're a bitter and sad individual.

And now that I realize YOU are in charge of Lisa's fundraising campaign I regret linking to anyone's story about it.

I'd rather talk to someone at Disney who might be willing to donate a trip to Lisa directly. Oh wait, from what I understand someone else tried that and offered it to your group and it was rejected.

I guess you can't use that trip for your own notoriety and self centered purposes, so of course there's no reason to pursue that idea.

Anyway, sorry to detract from your post Miss Ann (the not-batshit crazy one). I just can't stand childish bullshit like this going unchecked.

Karen Sugarpants said...

You guys really should take it to email or drop it.

a) this blog isn't the place (sorry miss ann thrope from here)

b) if Lisa saw this she would be really upset.

Please stop. Please. I'm begging you.

Jester said...

It's not my intent to upset Lisa, who really does deserve all the support and good wishes and nice things that can be heaped on her.

My original statement still stands, of all the gin joints in the world you picked the skankiest bar to wander into.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

Karen, you're right. I didn't start it but I'm in no mood to listen to ignorant bullshit.

Um no. You called someone else fat. Unfortunately, you don't know what I look like otherwise you cou'd be photoshopping me, I'm sure.

Oh and you dumbass, LISA does not want it posted ok? SHE does not want to know. I have been emailing it to people who ask.

And OMFG, you're sorry about leaving shitty comments here but had no problem leaving them on the blog of sick woman who was just diagnosed with cancer for the third time?

One of these days people are gonna catch on to you. Or...being the malignant narcissist you are, you'll keep em fooled by showing pictures of your hairy ass and videos of girls shitting cups...oh so amusing.

And the sad part is, you don't even get how trailer trash you are. having a nice house has nothing to do with it.

But seriously? Sorry for mucking up THESE comments after the shit you spewed on Lisa's? That's fucking pricelss.

Oh and I told this MissAnnThrope to keep the fucking name....if she wants it. Let her deal with JEALOUS, spiteful, attention grabbers like you.

It's just chapping your ass you didn't start a drive for Lisa first, isn't it?

Sorry MissA. But I did not come here to spew shit....I'm heartily sick of The King writing people to bitch they like me and then...this is priceless making them apologise for Um. hahahaha! sharing his PRIVATE shit. Bwahahaha!

Seriously. Keep the name. And the rest of you, don't bother to read what I actually posted. I'm perfectly fine with being the asshole here. I don't give a fuck who likes me and who doesn't.

But ya know...400 people...300 of them strangers coughed up over $3000 for a woman they don't know. He hasn't even made a post. The entire internet is supporting her...except him and Britt.

Odd isn't it?

Jester, I think it's kind of sad that you, too, wouldn't help Lisa because I 'm "a bitter and sad individual."

I'm sad and bitter but if you knew who I was you wouldn't have's a mirror you idiot.

Seriously. Did you donate? I'll look to see if I recognise an email or alias. If you did, expect it to be returned to you...or just tell me the name it came from. Write her the check yourself. No problem for me at all.

You people really knock me out. I feel sorry for Lisa if she thinks you might care about her. You hate me more than you care about her. That's fucking tragic.