Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We are ALL welcome here............

I've introduced myself to you, told you things about me that I'd rather have kept to myself. I've let you in on the SECRET TO A HAPPY FRIDAY, especially if you have that day off. I've given you a glimpse into the life that belongs to Miss Ann Thrope, hater of mankind.

Now I'd like to let you know that I'm happy you are here. I am! Let me tell you how much:

I was told yesterday that I am a people person. That I NEED people. I've thought about that and realized it's so very true. Though I claim to hate the very existence of humanity, the truth is, (and I'll thank you to keep this secret, I've a REPUTATION, donchaknow) I really LIKE people. Now, I have to admit, I'm kind of selfish when it comes to liking people. I like the cool ones. The ones who aren't afraid to say "FUCK" and the ones who can say to their kids, "Leave me alone already, I'm watching Oprah! And keep your hands outta my cheesepuffs..."

I like people who are really, really smart. And people who can make me laugh. I like the ones who don't give a shit what their hair looks like on Sunday. The ones who say to the world, "Leave me alone, you fat bastards, let me live my life!"

I like people who will call bullshit, when they SEE bullshit. Even if I'm the one spouting the bullshit. I like people who will let me cry on their shoulder and then tell me, "Ok, enough. Suck it up. Move on."

Yeah, I'm sort of selfish. Because the people that I love the most? Are the ones who love me. I used to think there weren't many of them out there. I felt alone and sad and undesirable. But then, then I started a blog, and though I can't name that blog, those of you who have been with me since time began know which one I'm talking about. Because you came to me there, you read my words. You read my joys, my heartbreaks, my anger. And you gave me support and friendship and understanding. And when I was forced to shut that blog down, you waited patiently till I began another. And you came back, and you STILL loved me. And I met more of you with that blog, too. My cup surely runneth over...

And when I shut THAT blog down, you came with me to the new one. And I picked up some very special ones with that blog. That blog, my last one, was my joy. I had friends! People liked me! I was POPULAR!!

And now, here we are yet again. Most of you followed me here. And I've even seen a few new faces. Ok, not actual faces, but you get the gist. I'm here, and hopefully this is where I'll stay. And believe me, friends, we are ALL welcome here.

You're welcome here if you are smart, or if you're dumber than a five pound bag of STOO-PID.
You're welcome here if you are beautiful, or if you are uglier than the south end of a north bound donkey.
You're welcome here if you are conservative, or if you are a bleedin' heart liberal.
You're welcome here if you are a republican, or if you are a damn dirty democrat.
You're welcome here if you are white, black, red, green or purple. In fact, You are MOST welcome here if you are purple. I like purple.
You're welcome here if you have kids, or if you've never been around kid in your life.
You're welcome here if you have a job, or if you are a drain on our nation's economy.
You're welcome here if you are American, or if you're one o' them foreigners from other nations.
You're welcome here if you believe in God, or if you're one o' them God-hatin' atheists. (and yes, I know, atheists don't hate God, because they don't BELIEVE he exists. Leave me alone, it's my joke with Miss Katie. Hi Kate!! You look very beautiful today!)
You're welcome here if you beat your kids, or if you're one o' them NEW AGE parents, who don't believe in beatings, and whose kids are meaner than FUCK.
You're welcome here if you eat meat, or if you're one o' them Godforsaken, tree huggin' vegetarians.

Well, I believe you get my drift. We ARE ALL welcome here. Cause this is my blog. And you are my friends. And we must all be considerate of each other while we are here. Cause this is MY time with you. And God help the scum sucking mo-fo who comes here and is rude to one of my friends. You will be hunted down and shot. And then run over with my car. And then set on fire. And then probably I'll find one o' them necrophiliacs to do dirty things to your damn dead carcass.

So, I'll sum it up. We are all welcome here. Except you pinheads and mean people...

Leave a comment today and introduce yourselves. And go visit one of my friends, over there on my sidebar. And tell 'em their friend Miss Ann sent you...


Tom said...

See, the thing is, I don't really like people so I don't have too much patience for them.

And I DON'T care what my hair looks like on Saturday or any other day, dammit!

My secret to a happy Friday involves complete quiet and copious amounts of alcohol. With one I can get the other. Really that's my secret to any happy day of the week.

~art said...

Just popping in. peace~art

janet said...

oh miss ann ... i'd follow you anywhere.

well, except to antarctica ... cuz it's really really cold there.

love ya mucho, ya know ...

Mike Todd said...

Hey dude! Finally updated the ol' blogroll to follow you here. Now stay put! Or not. Whatever works.

Sleeping Mommy said...

You know I can't resist you.

Chris H said...

You are a nutter, and I like you... ha ha ha.

Burfica said...

you know I adore you don't you????

And your e-mail earlier, just made my heart so happy to know how much you cared. That's the type of fierce friendship I talk about that I give out to you my dear.

big huggggsssssssssssss

baseballmom said...

Um, we are truly twins separated at birth...you're so fabulous!

damon said...

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I know now that I am truly wanted and accepted here.

'cause I am 29 of the previously mentioned types of people. ;)

Kirsten said...

I feel so special! and loved! You are the bestest bloggah friend a girl could have!