Friday, March 28, 2008

I is not Happeh, y'all.....

So, ok. I'm disappointed in you people. I asked you, quite sweetly if I do say so myself, to go and visit my STARS, who took time out of their busy schedules to answer questions for me.

And did you do it? Ok, so one or two of you may have.

But the vast majority of you did not.

HMPFFH. I am stamping my foot over here. And making the UGLY, UNHAPPY face.

So, bright idea! I will ask you again! And this time, I will ask you to GO, forthwith, visit their blogs, and congratulate them on their OUTSTANDING abilities at question-answering. 'Cause that will make me HAPPY.

Go with God, and see:

Miss Janet's answers here, and here.

Miss Erin's answers here. (you'll have to scroll down to her post "Question and Answer Time")

Miss Baseball Mom's answers here.

Miss Ammie's answers here.

Princess Jasmine's answers here.

Damon and Miss Sheri? Get thee off thine asses and post your questions already, whydoncha.

Burf, Alekx, Chris H., and This Mom? I finished them up this morning. I'll email them to you RIGHT IN ONE FUCKING LITTLE MINUTE. K? thx, bye.


Burfica said...

I will I will I promise I will. i've been to some, but must confess, not all yet.

Mr Lady said...

Hey! I visited Janet Does that count? :)

Mr Lady said...

I will gift to you my Alias for my Alias: Ms. Celine Eyos.

Sound it out.

Sheri said...

Ok Missy - I've finished my questions and posted them and linked you too.

Have a good weekend!

baseballmom said...

I've been to them all! Here are a couple alias suggestions:

Missy Moquaw (my mom used to call me that)
Readin' Fool ('cause you like to read as much as I do)
Creative Havoc (explains itself)

Okay, I'll stop, and try to think of some more. Love ya!

baseballmom said...

Wait, did anyone say MissUnderstood yet? If so, never mind!

Dory said...

I visited Janet!

Again with the horrible I HATE WORKING moaning groaning complaining bullshit.