Thursday, March 27, 2008

Itza Contest-a-pa-looza!!

***NOTE*** Go visit Baseball Mom!! I gave her questions, she gave me answers!!!

So, I'm a big liar. My middle name USED to BE "Always post about something when you promise to". But now it's "If you can't post when you SAID you would, be SURE to post the very next day".

Kids, I need a new name. Because I inadvertently stepped on the toes of the ORIGINAL Miss Ann Thrope, who turned out to be quite nice. Who KNEW? What are the odds?

So, here's what we're gonna do. Today is Thursday, March 27, 2008. We're gonna leave the contest open until Monday, March 31, 2008. At midnight. 'Cause I always wanted to have something that stopped at midnight. So you know, this is a dream-come-true for me.
Here are the rules of the FIRST EVER,

"REname Miss Ann Thrope" Contest-a-pa-looza!!

1. Think of a good name for me. Lord, please try to make it original. I don't wanna go through this shit again.

1a. I want my new name to be hotter than a bucket of Kentucky Fried Fuck...

2. Leave your entry in a comment on this post.

3. You may enter as many times as you wish.

4. I will choose the name I love most on Tuesday, April 1, 2008. Because really, what better day is there to reinvent myself than April Fool's Day?

5. The winner will receive (because Janet THUNK it up) a Blingy-type SOMETHING that links to YOUR BLOG, in the place of HIGHEST HONOR on my blog; ABOVE my blogroll. It'll point anyone who comes my way (all 12 or 13 of them) to your blog.

6. Mitchell, you are not allowed to play. Kate? I mean it. Don't let him. He already called me "mountain mama", for piss sakes. I love him, but he is "Chock full o' Suck".

Ok, the contest is officially open... NOW!!!


This Mom said...

OK, here's what I've come up with so far:

1. Full Tilt Frannie
2. Ms. Pottymouth
3. Complicated Connie
4. Complicated Conundrum
5. Amber-guity (Ambiguity)
6. Ms. Secrecy
7. Miss-Ecrecy

I might try to think of some more...

This Mom said...

Here's another:


Anonymous said...

Ms. Conception

Anonymous said...

Miss Tical

Anonymous said...

Miss Terious

Burfica said...

Miss Demeanor

Anonymous said...

Okay, because I don't blog I don't know how to figure out if any of these names are taken. (they very well may be since they are plays on words.)But I really want to play this game so here goes:

1. Mel Ann Choly
2. Miss Fortune
3. Just Ann Oyed
4. Bea Fuddled

- Kate

the planet of janet said...

here ya go:

anne oydasfuk

miss anne derstood

miss p. pealover

the planet of janet said...


i changed my mind about miss p. -- it needs to be penelope pealuver.

or the other way. whichever.

oh, and bea smirched

and lady lovey duck

or how 'bout elpheba (get it? from wicked? she's the WICKED FREAKIN' WITCH OF THE WEST-bygawd-virginia!)

Chris H said...

Miss Ann Grumpytart

"O" said...

how bout ol bitch ! if we're bein for truff.

Used*to*be*me said...

I suck at these things. However, in spirit I submit the following:


I'm gehy. I don't pick good names.

Used*to*be*me said...

Oh! What about Mahpan Tees-wad?


Alekx said...



FUCK---I'm hot

That's it I can't think of anymore cuz I have to leave for work.

Amy said...

*Ms. Ree (as in "Ms. Ree loves company)
*Cate (as in compliCATEd)
*Blue Iris

Sleeping Mommy said...

I'm giving you a portion of an old online username I've used in the past. But I've changed it up to include a bit of you in there.

Calamity Ann

Nancy said...

One of my fav fictional names is a character in more than one Frank Zappa songs.

Suzy Creamcheese

Rockycat said...

How about Miss Construed?

Anonymous said...

F.N. Ann Oyed


Anonymous said...

A couple more:

Lil Debbie Doesn't Do Windows
Little Left Eye


Used*to*be*me said...

I vote for Suzie Creamcheese! I love that.

Or, taking a movie name you could go with Gracie Lou Freebush.

I know. I'm no help.